PrintI’ve been quiet for a few weeks! I’ve been working really hard over Christmas break on my business plan. I’m at about 90 pages and 50 hours of research, forecasting and writing! Sure adds up fast!

Two more rounds of prototyping are complete and it’s getting very close to the final product. The exterior shell pattern is perfect. The pad-pocket is getting adjusted and I’m looking at a cutting-edge welded seam manufacturing opportunity for the pad-pocket for the most minimal profile possible. Exciting stuff!

Video Development

Taping different segments for the video have already happened, and a one more to go tonight. The video needs to be done early next week for upload to the ATB BoostR campaign site, which will go live on January 15! Speaking of launching: the Aperion Athletics launch party is coming up too! So much to do!! Amongst the taping work we’ve also managed to get all the product photos done for the website and social media channels as well.

#MyLimitlessLife Social Media Campaign

In the last month a really beautiful calendar has been designed around the #MyLimitlessLife social media campaign to celebrate women everywhere. It is hoped that this campaign will really catch on and it looks like it is starting to snowball. Some very successful women have come to participate in the calendar including international reporter and model Tiffany Burns of and Rachel Herbert of Trail’s End Beef. There are so many amazing women working and succeeding in Alberta, the calender could have gone on and on! $5 from every calendar sale will go to Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, a noble cause that strives to address domestic violence in Calgary.

Launch Party

The by-invitation only Launch Party is on Thursday, January 14 and looks to be a lot of fun at PRLR Lounge in Kensington. My PR team Ellen Parker PR has been hard at work networking and sending out press releases to announce the launch of both the calendar and Aperion Athletics. I believe this is going to be a very successful launch!

Grant Applications

Lastly, the business plan is almost done and ready to go to several grant organizations seeking funding for two sewing machines for in-Calgary production and prototyping. The applications loo