I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Paul Hardy, international fashion designer,¬†yesterday to discuss the product and where I should go from here. I showed him the prototype and discussed where the idea came from. Although athletic wear is not his area of expertise, he has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry and his insight was most excellent. He confirmed my understanding that clothing isn’t usually patented, but felt that would be effective for this product! Wow! So a new doorway to go through and a new avenue to pursue.

I’ve contacted several patent lawyers this week for quotes and done some preliminary searches online. Although there are patents for underwear and other such ‘gussets’ for clothing, none are as simple or integrated directly into pants, so that is promising. I look forward to finding out all about patenting and royalties and how that all works! Exciting stuff!

Of interest, Paul just finished curating a very well received exhibit at the Glenbow Museum, you should check it out:

Kaleidoscopic Animalia: An exhibition designed and curated by Paul Hardy