Working on the business plan for an angel investor for funding to get through the start-up cost for the ATB BoostR campaign. A lot of work gets done for the corporation and trademarking before you ever even ‘open the doors’ (so-to-speak), lots of ¬†little costs involved in all of that. I anticipate that the BoostR campaign target sales of 100 units is entirely possible, and it would cover the start-up costs. Also, that’s a manageable amount of sales to trial the website management of inventory and shipping, working out the bugs for a larger Kickstarter campaign thereafter.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the Manager and seamstress for the local manufacturer to discuss the timeline, materials sourcing and protoype design features in preparation for the next phase of prototyping work. It is such a pleasure to be working with a local Alberta business!

The next steps are: finish the rough business plan, finalize the start-up funding with the angel investor, get a deposit to the manufacturer, get incorporated and set-up the bank account, start the trademark work and source the materials for the prototypes. Watch for another update soon!! So much to do!